Animal Advisory Commission

The mission of the Animal Advisory Commission is to assist the city of Dallas in ensuring that the animal shelter operated by the City meets or exceeds the standards required by Texas state law and to make recommendations to the City Council and City Manager regarding the city’s Animal Services program.


The Animal Advisory Commission will act as an advisory body to the City Council and City Manager by:

  • Reviewing the operations of the city’s Animal Services program and reporting the results to the City Council and City Manager;
  • Developing, planning and recommending new and innovative programs to make all aspects of Animal Services in the city more effective and efficient; and
  • Providing guidance, as needed, to the City Manager regarding compliance with Texas state laws governing Animal Services and animal shelters.


The Commission’s vision is for Dallas to be a premier city for companion animals and the people who care for them, so that all residents are free from the dangers and nuisances of irresponsible pet-ownership, and so that every pet born is assured of a good home and good care all its natural life and does not suffer due to abuse, neglect or ignorance. To achieve this vision, the City must:

  • Develop, implement and enforce the policies and programs that will make Dallas a no-kill city.
  • Encourage compassionate and responsible behavior toward animals through public outreach and education.
  • Reposition Dallas Animal Services as a recognized state and national leader in this field.

Animal Advisory Commission Meetings

Current Animal Advisory Commission members:

District #1 – Chris Watts
District #2 – Molly DeVoss
District #3 – Deborah D. Hicks
District #4 – Vacant
District #5 – Bonnie L. Mathias
District #6 – Jody Jones
District #7 – Julie A. Cassidy
District #8 – Jennifer S. Roberts
District #9 – Maeleska Fletes
District #10 – Amanda Henry
District #11 – Vacant
District #12 – Judith Burnett
District #13 – Patricia M. Cody
District #14 – Teresa Gubbins
District #15 (Mayor) – Peter S. Brodsky – Chair