Lost Pets

Losing your pet can be a sad, frightening, and even traumatic experience. Dallas Animal Services understands this and wants to assist citizens with finding their animals. There are several ways you can search for your pet.

Come to the shelter - Lost and Found dog *The Best Method* Come to Dallas Animal Services and look for your pets. We receive hundreds of animals every week. You know your pet best – and he/she knows you best too! You can even post a “Lost” poster in our lobby. Hours to look for your pet are Monday-Saturday 11am - 6:30pm , and Sunday 12-5pm. Even if the pet remotely sounds like yours, come to the shelter to see if it's here. What you may call a Boston Terrier mix may look like a French Bulldog mix to us.

Look online - Go to PetHarbor.com. Enter your zip code, then check the shelters you want to search. Follow the directions to search for your pet.

Ask around - Ask your neighbors, postal delivery workers, and anyone who regularly goes through your neighborhood.

Post an announcement - Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Place an ad in your local paper or ask your vet, businesses or schools for their permission to post signs, etc.

If you find your animal at Dallas Animal Services
You will need to redeem your pet. There are fees associated with daily boarding, impoundment, vaccination (if you don’t have proof of current rabies vaccination), etc. Please talk to a representative at the Lost and Found desk to discuss the fees.