Dallas is home to many different species of wild animals. Although none pose a significant threat to their human neighbors. These animals include armadillos, bats, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, opossums, skunks and others.

skunkTips to keeping a wild animal from taking up residence in your yard
or attic:

  1. Close all trash containers
  2. If you feed your pet outside remove any remaining food
    before nightfall 
  3. Store compost in proper containers
  4. Keep weeds and grass cut short especially near fences or walls 
  5. Ensure wood piles are stored in proper bins
  6. Ensure your roof and eaves are in good condition, even
    small holes need to be covered.
  7. Cap your chimney, and cover all vents with a commercial product or a wire mesh to keep animals from nesting
  8. Keep your garage doors closed in the evenings

Numbers and links to other wildlife sites and rehabilitators

DFW Wildlife Coalition 972-234-WILD (9453)
North Texas Wildlife Hotline 940-566-6350
Wildcare of North Texas 817-237-8500
Audubon Hotline 972-480-5370
Heard Wildlife Museum 214-542-5566
Texas Parks and Wildlife 800-792-1112