Wish List

DAS is grateful for all the donations of pet beds, pet toys, linens, newspapers and volunteer time. Sometimes our needs include things that most people aren't aware of
or may even seem a bit odd.

Below is our "wish list":

  • Dog harnesses - 8 small, 8 medium, and 3 large
  • Kennels - portable, easy set up/collapsible to sue at offsite adoption events; fit animals 20+lbs
  • Washable carpets and beds for portable kennels
  • "Adopt Me" or "Take Me Home" vests, sweaters, shirts, bandanas, etc for offsite adoption animals
  • Expandable pens (2) - portable, collapsible, metal (plastic is too bulky to fit in vehicle), at least 36" tall
  • Color cartridges for Xerox Phase 7300 printer
  • Large digital photo frames (3)
  • Small laminating machine and laminating sheets
  • Digital video recorders (2)
  • Projector - portable, preferably with USB port
  • Digital cameras (2) - to take high resolution photos of animals for adoption and events

Please contact us directly to arrange for the following donations:

  • Color printing for public information and educational materials
  • Industrial washer and dryer
  • Animal adoption van
  • Vehicle "wraps" for plain vans currently in use
  • Table-top signage for offsite adoptions (3)
  • Landscaping and/or seasonal color